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Delicious Pizza & Subs

Italian Restaurant with Delivery Pizza & Subs in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania

Are you craving Italian cuisine? How would you like to enjoy delicious delivery pizza from an authentic Italian restaurant right now? You don't have to dream about it; order it from Zeiderelli's Pizza & Subs, in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania!

Delivery Pizza

Dine on freshly made pizza tonight! Our pizza menu features pizzas made from fresh dough, the finest cheeses, and quality toppings. We craft your pie or slice the way you want it and we have the best deals for you to enjoy, including pizza by the slice for $1.75 and pies for $8.00–$14.75 depending on their size.
Pizzas - Delivery pizza in Lemoyne, PA

Toppings Include:

• Pepperoni
• Hamburger
• Sausage
• Bacon
• Onions
• Pineapple
• Mushrooms
• Black Olives
• Jalapeno Peppers

Subs and Sandwiches

Just like our pizza menu, our sub menu features the sandwiches made from the freshest ingredients. Even our sub rolls are homemade for the best taste around.
Sandwich with chicken, cheese and vegetables - Subs in Lemoyne, PA
Ham Sandwich - Subs in Lemoyne, PA
Sandwich - Subs in in Lemoyne, PA

Italian Restaurant

Our family owned and operated business moved to this area from Marysville. We had opened our doors there in 1980. Today, we host 5 locations to serve you:
• Marysville
• Shermansdale
• Newport
• Duncannon
• Lemoyne

Culinary Experience

The owner, Chris, began working at the original Zeiderelli's Pizza & Subs location in Marysville. He has a love for pizza and pleasing customers and he purchased our location in Lemoyne to embrace his love for this authentic Italian meal.
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